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Empty Factory

Turn business challenges into business transformations.

We are experts in data science, data engineering, and cloud. Where we stand out is our ability to apply these technologies in the context of our customer's business challenges and industries. 

Our solutions are born directly from our experience helping our customers solve many common challenges.  


Our amazing team of Data Scientists, Engineers, Developers and Support staff span the globe and have successfully delivered hundreds of projects for the world’s top companies.

Our Services

Roster/Workforce Optimization

For many companies, the current business landscape requires a laser focus on margins. If you have dynamic workforce requirements, ensuring you have the right staffing level optimized to the day to day business need can be extremely challenging and costly. Over-staff and you erode margins. Under-staff and you leave money on the table and hurt customer experience.


F33 workforce optimization used advanced machine learning models to predict the required staffing down to the store/location level, and optimize the daily roster. 

Churn Prediction & Prevention


In the new world we live in with Covid-19 and a number of other economic uncertainties, it's more important than ever to keep your customers, and keep them satisfied. F33 helps companies deploy data science and machine learning to predict which of your customers are risk of churning, and help optimize engagement to ensure you keep them. 

AML & fraud detection

noun_User Protection_384937.png

Two of the most costly challenges in financial services, or in any industry managing financial transactions, is Anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection/prevention. We apply our extensive ML/AI experience to help our customers build ML models and end-to-end software to detect, and prevent fraud and money laundering. 

Price optimization


For decades, businesses have used a trial and error approach to determine that "just-right" price point for any particular good or service to ensure the perfect intersection between demand and profitability.


However, the incredible speed of the modern world coupled with the internet has created democratized access to more supply than ever before so this traditional approach just does't work anymore. Machine learning and AI enables you to dynamically optimize product pricing based on many real time data sets so you can ensure you are pricing any number of SKUs optimally on any given day. 

Demand forecasting

& Supply chain optimization

noun_Supply Chain_1271146.png

ML/AI is all about using advanced mathematics and data to predict something, and then take that prediction and use it to optimize a process. This is why inventory and supply-chain is such a great area to apply machine learning for immediate impact that simultaneously improves customer experience and profitability. F33 has extensive experience with this at companies that have hundreds of thousands of SKUs, and highly dynamic demand patterns. 

Empty Factory

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