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SLODLC History

SLODLC was created by practitioners in the community with the intent of creating practical, useful, actionable, step-by-step materials, templates, and examples to aid organizations in their journey to adopt SLOs in order to better quantify user expectations, deliver technology services efficiently, and better manage the inherent tradeoffs in building a digital business, SLODLC is an evolutionary open source project and welcomes input from the community of experts who are driving the SLO revolution.

The Service Level Objective Development Lifecycle (SLODLC)

Service Level Objective Development Life Cycle (SLODLC) is a repeatable methodology for defining reliability and performance goals for software services across an enterprise.

How to use the SLODLC
  • Handbook provides a comprehense overview of the SLODLC and how it can be used in organizations or by service providers

  • Templates fit each phase of the SLODLC to quickly guide you through the process

  • Examples help explain how to apply the SLODLC to a variety of situations.

F33 Adopts Open Source SLODLC 

F33 has adopted SLODLC as part of their core practice to accelerate cloud migration and cloud growth with improved reliability and software delivery. Service Level Objective Development Lifecycle (SLODLC) provides a community-driven repeatable methodology for creating metrics that move the business forward. Introduced in May 2022, the SLODLC community is quickly moving to become the standard adoption methodology for Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and their scalable deployment. 

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