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The retail industry is evolving at an incredible rate. There has been so much technology disruption in this space over the last 10 years and it will not be slowing anytime soon. Modern retailers must be data driven, and leverage machine learning to create incredible customer experiences, optimized business processes and operate more efficiently to maximize profit. F33 has extensive experience and solutions to help retailers evolve and thrive - examples of this are AI rostering, demand forecasting, and supply chain/distribution optimization. 

Unlock the power of machine learning in your industry. 

The potential of data science and AI is immense, but the impact truly becomes significant when you put it in the context of your business and industry. We have deep experience in several key industries, and know how to solve key business problems leveraging prediction, simulation and optimization in your industry. 


Software & SaaS


We understand the unique challenges faced by technology companies, in fact many of us came from leadership positions at large tech. Regardless of size and capital, our customers struggle to hire experienced data scientists and data engineers, and find it challenging to put ML into key production processes and into their products to maximize customer experience. We have worked with many technology companies to help them deploy ML into production to reduce CHURN, increase trial conversion, and increase net expansion in their products. 

Financial Services


F33 has worked with several banks and financial services companies to help them leverage data science and ML to solve key business challenges/and automate prediction and optimization. We have experience in Finserv that ranges from cash inventory optimization at big retail banks to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and fraud detection. 



Our team has extensive experience working for and with large manufacturers and as a result is deeply familiar with the business processes that impact margin the most and are most ripe for optimization. We are experts in ML based forecasting, supply chain optimization, warehouse mgt, and yield optimization. 

Laser Cutting

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