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Finding opportunities in turbulent times using Artificial Intelligence

Join us for a 45-minute virtual webinar to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) will be the key to thriving in a time of economic uncertainty caused by inflation and a looming recession.

Register NOW, to maximize participation, space is limited!

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For many, uncertain times are cause for concern

Businesses are being hit on all fronts – supply chain disruption, unpredictable demand forecasting, and the “great resignation” of employees.

In this webinar, F33 will show you how AI/ML will be the difference between exponential growth at scale and going out of business.

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Our strategy

Finding opportunities in turbulent times means businesses can go on the offensive and gain ground, market share, and expand while others contract. With the right AI/ML strategy, businesses can:

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Grow at scale without utilizing more resources

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Transform data into insights to make better, faster decisions

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Anticipate market demand and avoid lost revenue 

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Optimize your workforce performance and increase morale

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Dr. Wit Jakuczun
Principal & Chief Data Scientist of F33

About the speaker

For over 18 years, Dr. Wit Jakuczun has helped business leaders grow at scale by operationalizing AI and machine learning. While others are theoretical and experimental in their approach, Dr. Wit has focused on transforming businesses into AI-first companies.


As a result, he has been recognized as one of the leading principal data scientists in the world.  He combines his rich AI/ML expertise with hands-on business experience to solve the unique problems facing each organization. 

Dr. Wit has optimized many areas of business including customer analytics, operations, warehouse optimization, planning, supply chain, marketing, inventory optimization, logistics, and personnel management. He has launched into production AI/ML solutions for business and government enterprises such as

• Retail and Commerce (Rossman Drugstores)

• Financial Services (Deutsche Bank)

• Technology (Google)

• Pharmaceutical (AstraZeneca)

• Government (UK's Ministry of Defense)

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Bonus: Custom-tailored AI Workshop for your company

After you learn how AI is being used to solve similar challenges to the ones you are facing, it can be challenging to know how to take the next step. But don't worry. F33 can take your business challenges and match them with the right solution. 

We are offering a unique opportunity for a small group of attendees to participate in a custom-tailored AI workshop addressing your company's biggest challenge.

Top 12 AI/ML Google Specialist: The F33 AI/ML team is one of only 12 companies in North America that have achieved ML Specialization for Google Cloud. As a Premier Google Partner, you get a unique opportunity to have one of the world's leading AI experts advise you on how you can harness AI in your company. 

$5,000 Takeaway: You will receive a Personalized Action Plan showing you how your company can get where it wants to be (a $5,000 value).

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Register for AI Webinar

Want to learn more? Sign up for our complimentary webinar and learn how AI can help you find opportunities in turbulent times. We are limiting the number of registrants so that everyone can participate and have their unique questions answered.  

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